Photography provided by Augustina Gaviola.

Hi! I'm a Brooklyn-based performer with experience acting in TV, film, theater and commercials. 


I grew up in a sleepy California beach town. As a kid, I kept myself busy by reading voraciously, accumulating a massive costume collection, performing in school shows, and channeling Tracy Flick in student government. I ended up on the opposite side of the country for college: rural Hanover, New Hampshire. At Dartmouth, I acted in as many plays as I could (often two at a time), hosted a radio show, and ran around with a few women's groups on-campus. I moved to New York soon after graduation because I loved theater most of all. I've met some fantastic collaborators here and I'm constantly inspired by such a vibrant community. 

As an artist, I believe in the magic of unconventional storytelling and uninhibited physical humor. I love a good innuendo, Freudian slip, double entendre, foot-in-mouth moment on and offstage. I'm also a proud feminist and I celebrate the unlimited variations of what it means to identify as a woman.

MAKing faces Since Birth 

Baby Mia. My nickname was "Uncle Fester."