As an artist, I believe in the magic of unconventional storytelling and uninhibited physical humor. I celebrate the female experience and create stories centered on its many manifestations. My style is playful, offbeat, and almost always surreal.

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This Bra Is Killing Me (Short Film)

Directed by Meghan O’Neill, Written by Mia Jessup and Meghan O’Neill, Produced by Mia Jessup and Shannon Jones

Starring Mia Jessup, Daniel Liu, Jess Fontana, Claire Buckingham, Hannah Florence

Mike discovers the dark side of lingerie when he moves in with three female roommates.

Official Selection: HBO Women in Comedy, Hollywood Comedy Shorts

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Baggage (Short Film)

Directed by Stacey Maltin, Written by Mia Jessup, Produced by Mia Jessup and Jillian Cantwell

Starring Mia Jessup and Doron JePaul Mitchell

In a world where everyone wears brown paper bags over their faces, one new couple sees each other for the first time. 

Official Selection: Queens World Film Festival

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Marry Me (Online Parody)

Directed by Meghan O’Neill, Written and Produced by Mia Jessup

Starring Mia Jessup

A woman gets engaged to an uncannily compatible partner: herself. It's the healthiest relationship she's ever had (mostly because there aren't any more arguments about trying butt stuff).